Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A little help from my friends...

They say having a child is one of life's great rewards.
But as I've spent the last few months in this strange-preparation-stage, I've appreciated how much of a mixed bag this all is. At times it all feels mundane and a chore. At other times I feel like I'm getting ready for the best party of my life.
And then there are the moments of cherishing another of life's great rewards: friends.

Before I'd even thought about major decisions like birth plans and such, my friend Mary had started planning my baby shower--emails flew, decisions were made, and control relinquished. Then another faction of my life volunteered an alternate party. People keep offering support, gifts, help, good wishes--it's like having a birthday every week. :)

Recently I went to see my oldest friend Krista, the mother of my two beautiful godchildren. I'm glad I let her take the lead on this whole baby business. It's been really special to have someone I love and trust so much there in a way that I didn't know I needed. I call her with the most random questions regarding gear and the doctors--she's my sounding board at the moment. When I told her I didn't think a doula was the best thing for me, but that Chris was nervous to be alone, she volunteered to come down for the birth! She's known me since I was nine, so she has been warned...

Every friend has been amazing through this process. On top of it I've met strangers who are genuinely excited to share their experiences (and stuff). It is a bit like joining a club, and although I'm known to be quite contrary, I do like sharing this aspect of being human. It's so wonderful to have that sense of community, and know that life does connect us in a different ways...

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